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These pictures were taken from my window. The first shot was taken in the morning, before I went out..Edo in Hawaii was on msn telling me how beautiful the weather is over there. And I just had to show him how miserable the weather is over here. It has been really cold and gloomy the past two days. The second picture was taken when I came back. It was such an "AHHH finalllyy.. THEEE SUNNN" moment. At least for me.

I went to the museums today, with some of the archi people - Kun hua, from Taiwan, Wan Hua and Yang Yang from china. I didn't think that the museums were that impressive. In fact it was a little weird. They were having exhibits of artefacts from around the world.. We only went to the China exhibition. They had sculptures and porcelain from I don't know which dynasties, and then they showed the posters and uniform of Mao Ze Dong. The last part of the exhibit showcased some contemporary Chinese magazines. There was even a recent wedding photo album from shanghai. It was, well. weird. They ended it all with a sequence of gruesome 1989 Tian an men pictures. Well, at least I had a free Chinese history class given by the chinese girls.
While i was "oh-my-godding" at the gruesome pictures, dear Kun hua said: "你不需要太惊讶阿。在新加坡他们不是鞭打在街上吃口香糖的人吗“. And actually. After talking to a few other people, including this swedish girl (who stayed at a geylang hotel not knowing what geylang's infamous for) I realize that the impression they had of Singapore was truly a "fine" city. And i thought that whole "fine" city idea was like a back-in-the-nineties thing.

And why did I not take pictures? Because I forgot to bring my SD card. Last night I happily charged all the camera batteries. And because of all picture taking of the gloomy weather from my room's window, and the transferring... I forgot to put the SD card back into the camera. Really a pity because we walked around town for a while after that and the sun was bright and sunny.

I watched a film about the Bordeaux House by Rem Koolhaas. It was a documentary-art film kinda thing and directed in the perspective of the current house cleaner. It was kinda witty -architecture seen from a non-educated someone, who's in charge of the house's well being. I love the house and I still do. But the message was somewhere along the lines of how art, in all its novelty, sometimes can only give just that. Apparently, the house, now in its 10th year, has been requiring alot of maintenance. Water was leaking everywhere and there were problems with some of the automated systems. And the housekeeper was pretty funny when she said that if she had the money. She wouldn't want her house this way. it's "too grey". She was referring to the bare concrete used all over the house. And yea. Bare concrete is everywhere in architecture magazines nowadays. For the benefit of the larger majority of the people who hasn't succumbed to the frills of the WOW. artistic world... this is how the Bordeaux House looks like:

image courtesy of http://www.oma.eu

It was designed by the same architect as the CCTV-TVCC building in China that burned down.

Anyway, I had chicken rice by amy today. I must say it was a pretty good try. She forgot to cook the rice with the soup from the chicken, but it tasted fine with the chicken rice paste. We will attempt again without the paste. So I cooked egg soup from that leftover soup.

Tomorrow would be the beginning of another project. I hope school isn't as busy as it seems. The other exchange students are having a good time planning their vacations to oktoberfest, to Kiruna and all. I hope I get to to go Kiruna. To see the northern lights =)

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2 weeks later

rain 15 °C

It has been.. 2 weeks?
Honestly it felt like 2 months. Not in a bad sense. Just that meeting many different people everyday sometimes makes it a little draining.

So here is my cosy little room. Very self sufficient - with a bed, attached toilet, a little kitchen sink, microwave and fridge. The big kitchen is shared by 8 of us. So is the lounge and dining table. I must say that they have pretty good accommodation here. The only problem is that there's too many students. In fact, there are some people who haven't found housing, living in tents in the campus now.


I've been to one week of studio. My studio's called "Sustainable Urban Recycling" and it's a masters program. I thought it was pretty intimidating in the beginning. It still is right now. There's 25 of us, some are married, many already have some years of work experiences. I have no idea what I'm doing in the course. But well it's probably good that I can learn from all these people. And so interestingly, the 25 of us are made up of 20 different nationalities. So my studio mates come from places like austria, chile, iran, taiwan, turkey, brazil. etc. It's that diverse. Most of them don't speak english as a first language. Communicating is a bit of a challenge. And I don't have a good feeling about the group work that starts next week. I only hope that things will be good because my group was off with a bad start. My fellow group members.. this guy from chile and a girl from brisbane can't seem to get along with each other.

Anyway, yesterday was the first "party" that i attended, after refusing to go to many others. I feel a little out of place sometimes when a conversation revolves only around alcohol and parties. But I thought yesterday's session was pretty good. It was our first studio get together. I initially felt obliged to go, so that I can get to know the rest of the studio..But it turned out pretty fun... getting to know them and all.

Lund is a really small town on the south of Sweden. I haven't uploaded any pictures because I haven't been able to take nice pictures of the town. Basically, on the days that were sunny, I didn't bring my camera out. And sunny days are kinda rare. It has been especially so these few days. And I think it's especially gloomy on non sunny days, SO I'd prefer to take pictures of nice sunny lund.

Today was a really miserable, rainy saturday. But I attended a crayfish party in the afternoon that was organized by an ex-smu student, Sarah, who's now living in lund with her husband. Apparently. in sweden, a "crayfish party" is a traditional party held in summer, where people gather and eat crayfish. Haha. According to wikipedia : it is a " tradition that started because crayfish harvesting in Sweden was, for most of the 20th century, legally limited to late summer." Well we had more than crayfish. It was a pretty enjoyable afternoon. And I'd really like to thank them for inviting amy and I even though we have never met them prior to this party.

Hopefully the weather gets less disappointing, so that i don't have to bring my umbrella everywhere, so that I can bring my camera along wherever I go, and so that I can take pretty pictures. =)

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my first post.

I probably should start from Copenhagen. But my trip to Copenhagen already feels so long ago. The past week felt sooo long. Copenhagen is a nice quaint city. I thought it was gonna be like any other city, skyscrapers and all, but apparently the tallest buildings seem to be the churches. and so many of the historical landmarks allow visitors to climb all the way up for a view of the city.. the dome of the marble church, the bell tower, the round tower..and so. we spent half the time climbing. and climbing and climbing. the steps werent' exactly very comfortable. To get to to the top of the dome, we climbed brick steps, stone spiral steps, steel steps, wooden steps. But alright the view was worth it.


Then there was the round tower. It took seven spirals up the entire tower. Apparently it was used as an observatory. Halfway up, in a hall that used to be the library, there was an exhibition by Japanese and Danish artists. For some reason, art exhibitions are like abundant in Scandinavia. Or maybe I was just too unaware when I was in Singapore. Anyway, this exhibition showed some pretty interesting exhibits.

I love the book case.


For people who wanna visit Copenhagen. I think two days is more than enough. haha. I don't really think there's that much to see. Maybe Copenhagen is more of a place for people to enjoy a nice afternoon coffee in one of the nice outdoor dining places, not really a place to visit landmarks and tourist attractions.
On our last day we went to the Louisiana Museum. (and the Kronborg Castle which i shouldn't even talk about because it wasn't anything spectacular other than the fact that Shakespeare set Hamlet in the Castle)

Louisiana Museum was like a playground for me.. I love the museum. oh. on our train ride to Louisiana, we met an old danish couple. We told them that we were from Singapore. When we told them that Singapore's a small country that doesn't really have a countryside, she seemed flabbergasted. After a while she said : "Wow i didn't know that Singapore's a city AND a country. wow. that's not good. you guys must get out" ha-ha.

Louisiana Museum was a wonderful museum. From outside it looks like a small building. When you enter, it still seems like a small building. Only when visitors start exploring all the spaces and exhibits, then we realize that beyond that facade is a whole world of great works of art and nice greenery and very comfortable spaces. It so happens that there was a sustainable architecture exhibition. the exhibition space for the architecture exhibition was underground, and we just moved from one exhibit to another, never knowing the end. And I thought the exhibition was really good. For some reason, every time I see anything architecture related. i actually feel "obliged" to be interested. Ever since my interest for architecture eroded in year 2 (and slowing gaining back), because i'm "obliged" to be interested, architecture didn't seem as interesting anymore. But i found myself really engrossed walkin through this exhibition.

(oh and for lishan and qin ling, i bought the exhibition publication. cost like 50 sgd. but it was really good. ahahaha. u noe what i'm tryin to say la ah)

I also thought it was interesting that it's ken yeang's Editt tower (pending to be built in Singapore) that's on the poster pasted all over Denmark.

model placed at exhibition entrance also by ken yeang...

anyway, i thought the rest of the museum was really good

The museum's garden that overlooks the sea

In the main museum space, there were other works, sculptures, visual art... and this particular one caught my eye.. This artist used caviar as a medium. It was about how art pieces now are taken as assets. So this work probably emphasizes that fact. Using expensive caviar as a medium is akin to pasting bank notes on the piece. From far, it looks nothing like caviar.
P1030778.jpg (i can't get it to rotate the correct direction)

So that's copenhagen. I'm settling down in Lund. I attended the Swedish language course just now and came out of the class really confused. And I have to start on my assignment for studio. Who said that going for exchange is slack huh. I have an assignment even before the start of school, a presentation on the first lesson.

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