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It's time I formally introduce my school. This is the architecture building. called the A-hus. It doesn't look very magnificent, but it's pretty cosy inside.
Connected to the archi building, is the Design Centrum, the industrial design school. We sometimes have classes here also.
It looks much nicer because it's brand new, and sponsored by the director of IKEA.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had a tiring 2 day workshop. Honestly, I think we would have learnt more if it were longer. We first had a series of lectures by professors and architects. And then we were given a district in Lund, went to the site, and propose design solutions within one day. I didn't think it was very possible. But anyway we did it, wasn't anything in depth, just the idea. The point of the workshop is to put 12 strangers from different specialties, landscape architecture, architecture, civil engineering and urban planning, and work like a team in a firm for a competition, supervised by a team leader who is an experienced architect.

I'm pretty amazed at how much money Lund University invests on the architecture school. Apparently the school spends the most on one architecture student compared to students from the other faculties. I think I've chosen the right school to go to. The school invites professors from all over the world, (i attended a talk by peter cook on the first week) organizes workshops like these, (again, hired many professors and architects as our team leaders, provided breakfast, tea, lunch, model materials, printing money) and sponsors so many school trips. My studio is going to Amsterdam in October, travel and accomodation is paid for. In the next semester, they're going to scotland, and the following one, to China. And they're alll paid for. Other studios are going to other places like Berlin. If I were here in year 3, I would be taking the course "An outline to Scandinavian Architecture" and I would probably also be going to Oslo. I think it's pretty crazy.

This is a big map they stick on the ground floor of our building, for us to trace our site and make the models.

This is another group's work. Does anything here look familiar to you..
I don't know why of all the "sustainable" buildings in this world, they picked the NTU ADM building. But you know, you would feel a little tinge of pride. haha.

That's Beril, from Turkey, my group mate and studio mate. The guy Harrison Fraker, jury of the competition and former dean of University of California, Berkley. He gave a pretty inspiring talk.

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t'was a pretty tiring week.

I've posted quite a few photos and haven't talked abit about them. We had a day trip to Soderasen and Kullen last sunday, organized by the lovely couple Sara and Emil. Söderåsen, this forest overlooking a creek, is about 45 km away north of Lund, and Kullen, 80 km away.

I didn't know that where we were going, Söderåsen, was where my parents and I were at a few weeks ago. Cos every time I asked them where we would be going for the weekend. They'll be like.. "eh. duno . somewhere. " so.. yeah..
these are my very cute parents a few weeks ago.
The story goes like this :
One day, my mum was walking lonelily in the woods. Suddenly, she heard a voice calling out from behind. She turned around to look. And OH! it's her beloveeed darling. And so, they lived happily ever after in a little red house deep in the forest.

The little red house, is, in fact. A toilet.

We camera hogged all the time:
look at all the DSLRS. slllluuuurrrppppppppp.. We had a conversation yesterday. And they asked me, if i had 3000 dollars to buy a branded bag. What would I buy. And I said i would buy a DSLR. ;)

One of the tires of the car i was on burst on our way from Söderåsen to Kullen. So while the guys were reading the manual and figuring out how to change the tyre, I happily snapped some pictures. Call me SWAKU but ya it's my first time seeing people change a tire in the middle of a highway.
figuring where to stick that thing into.

Kullen was really good. We had alot of fun camera hogging once again. It was kinda like a cliff that gradually slopes downwards into the sea. I don't think my photos does justice to the place.
my friend on the extreme right, posing for all the DSLRs.

There are alot of ladybirds in Sweden. Somehow, we found it amusing to put as many as we can on his face.

OKAY. i find this entry extremely outdated. I'll start on another entry.

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you know..


this is just in case you have forgotten how virginia looks like.

and i cooked lunch today!


the garlic was burnt. (why ahr?) and the beef a little too hard. but the rest of the dish was niiiiceee.. really.

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it's hard to find a title for all my entries.

I'm finding it difficult to write in an organized way. My blog is probably enjoyable only to the people closest to me who want to know everything about my life here in Lund. But that is the initial purpose of this blog anyway. I never liked the idea of blogs because it seemed to me like a public exhibition of your own life. Why should anyone know how emo you are... like it's such a big deal when millions of people in the world are feeling shittier than you are. Hence when virginia goes to scandinavia, it's only a TEENY WEENY bit more interesting, because whoever's reading my blog, (probably thinking that it's soooo fun to be able to go on exchange) should also be having a life just an interesting. Wherever you guys are...whether you're working 9-5 in the same old boring office everyday, or going to the cold studios and lectures in school, or working in a new environment trying to learn too many things.. or just sitting around at home waiting for work to begin... We are all having our own little adventures everyday!

anyway, whoever's reading my blog can drop comments. I've switched the settings to allow anyone to drop comments =D

The past 3 days have been pretty tiring. I'm finally sitting here in my room, on a fairly sunny afternoon, sipping a nice hot camomile tea while writing this entry. I haven't had the chance to laze in my room. My friends, who are also on exchange in Lund, have been complaining about nuaing too much.

I visited the design site on tuesday. We pretty much walked through the whole of malmo city. Malmo's about half an hour's drive away from Lund and it is the third largest city in Sweden. (but it's not big at all). We were so exhausted we could hardly move at the end of the day and I had a few blisters on my feet. Then again, the weather was supperbbb that day.


This is almost all of us in the studio. Taking a break half way through the walk when we were at the skate park. I really like the skate park. Simple and nice. So typically Scandinavian.

Western Harbour, where Calatrava's Turning Torso proudly sits. (and sticks out like a sore thumb)


The Swedes love the sun since they get so little of it. Well I obviously treasure it more when I'm here but not the way they do. It's funny how the difference is so obvious between the sun-lovers and the sun-avoiders. Somewhere during our walk, we were standing beside this metal cladded building that was radiating a crazy amount of heat. I have no idea what the architect was thinking. It's funny because the europeans were happily basking under the sun while it was getting pretty unbearable for the few of us who were hiding under the shade. It was then that we realized that the few of us (me, kate from brisbane, a girl from Rio and another from iran) had one thing in common. We are from sun "infested" countries. So, no. we don't love the sun that much.

We picnicked yesterday, at the Botanical Gardens in Lund. I must say it was lovely. My friends made sandwiches and baked muffins for the picnic. We should do it more while we can, while the sun is out. Lying on the grass like that makes you just want to enjoy the moment and forget about everything else. There's so much greenery in Singapore and yet it would be crazy to picnic and lie on the grass on some random field.


That's amy. she made the muffins.


I was trying to find a 4 leaf clover. During lunch, while we were (also) eating on the grass, my swedish classmate was saying how as a kid, she used to be searching for a 4 leaf clover all the time, for good luck. And we all started looking for a four leaf clover. haha. Didn't find one though.

My three leaf clover...

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where i stay..


I sent my sister this bird's eye view picture of where i stay. and she JUST had to vandalize it.
But this is why i love her. MUACKS.

picture taken from http://kartor.eniro.se/#

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