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YES those are made of apples. It's pretty amazing. I attended the apple festival, at Kivik, east of Skania (the province that lund is located, consists of a large area on the southern part of Sweden). We took a two hour bus ride to Kivik. I wouldn't know whether to say if the trip was worth it because we basically travelled for 4 hours and was at the festival for 2 hours. Kivik was pretty inaccessible; we had to change buses and all. And the bus timing were so far apart. If we missed one, we'd be waiting for 2 hours for the next. So we had alot of waiting and it kinda dampened our spirits a little. At the end of the trip, all we wanted to do was to cook a nice dinner and sleep. But yea, knowing Sweden; it took us some effort just to get back. The train we were on had to stop at another station, we had to take a shuttle bus to the main station, and then another train, all because there were some rail works. I said that if this happened in Singapore, it would be on headlines the following day.

I realize that their festivals revolve alot around food - apple festival, crayfish festival, eel festival...

I think the Swedes have a lot of patience. Everywhere we go, we queue. The supermarket, the fast food chain, the bus. And queue not as in a fast queue but with a considerable amount of waiting. We were at Burger King the other day and boy did we wait. It's FAST food. There were 5 counters and only 1 was opened. It was a saturday night.
At bus stops, people wait patiently for their turn, it probably takes at least twice the time to get on the bus. In Singapore, if someone is talking to the bus driver, we would happily shove past them to tap our ezlink. Here, people patiently. wait.

love this little girl. Apples dipped in chocolate and caramel were sold at the fair.

we had to wait close to an hour for the bus. Explains our very annoyed faces. Singaporeans CAN'T wait.

More pictures on the picture panel to the right of the page. =)

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I spent the last 3 days working on the project. Figured that since I have no photos to upload. I shall upload my project pics.
It was an ANNOYING project. Maybe it's the difference in our working culture or something. But it was pretty much getting on my nerves.

Basically, we were given the project on monday, to analyze a certain area in malmo. Monday was a whole day of briefing with the lecturer, Donlyn Lyndon. On tuesday afternoon he walked us through the city of malmo. On tuesday evening, we discussed, allocated tasks. Wednesday was production day. I could have slept more if we were more efficient. I can blabber a whole page about my frustrations with working in the group. I think I shouldn't because I'm on a public domain.

Anyway, these were done yesterday.




We have another presentation next week. Hopefully it will be better. Cross your fingers for me.

Since it is an urban design course, the class consists of people with only urban planning background, and not architecture. I think some of them aren't used to the rigorous hours that the architecture course demands. I already feel that I'm way more relaxed than in Singapore. The amount of assignments are really manageable. But apparently some of them are finding it very busy. I heard that the archi people back in nus are having a terribly busy time. haha.
good luck guys!

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trip to malmo, AGAIN.

Usually, the highlight of the day is dinner. My long beans with minced meat. My third dish. I realize I'm always cooking some vegetables with some meat together. I need variety. This has nothing to do with a "trip to malmo, again". But precisely because it's a trip to malmo, AGAIN, for the 156th time, there's really nothing much to say about it. only that it was exhausting. We weren't even talking much among ourselves because we were just too tired. It was a rainy day today. Looks like it's gonna remain rainy for the rest of the week.

My tutor for the week:
Donlyn Lyndon, headed University of Oregon and UC Berkley Department of Archi. Very knowledgeable and very respectable man. But he looks and laughs like santa. My friend joked that he works as santa during the holidays.

I was talking to my french group mate today. pauline. the girl on the left.
I asked her what is the most authentic french food. She said it's usually baguette and cheese. Then I said, how about escargot. And she gave me that disgusted face. "Escargot??? I have never eaten it before. I think it looks disgusting. I don't think I will ever try it." haha.

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flashmob in lund


We were standing outside this conference building at the town centre when a lady approached some of us and told us that they would be conducting a flash mob - a protest against climate change. All we had to do was to lie down on the floor when she lies down. And then she'd wake us up when the time is up. The four people nearest to the camera on the bottom picture are my friends from architecture. They didn't know what was going on but joined the fun anyway. I didn't because i wanted to take the pictures. I should have climbed up on that sculpture like that girl did.
Wake up call:

It was coooooooldddd today. The weather is so unpredictable. Yesterday was soooo hot. It looked sunny outside my window before I went out so I thought it was going to be a warm day. Apparently not.
After the lecture, we were asked to sketch something that represents one of the things that he talked about in the lecture. I didn't bother to think. So I drew something I thought was the most obvious.
This is a portrayal of "Types that recur, order that come and go."

(inspired by my archi friend, hc's powerful drawings.) I had a really hard time drawing it, with the wind blowing my hair onto my face, and the cold. I was more desperate to finish it than to make a nice drawing. Does it explain the collapsing buildings.

I went to this particular supermarket, it's supposedly the cheapest in Lund, and it offers a greater variety than the one nearest to my place. It's pretty far but maybe it's worth the distance. I bought:

a loaf of bread (about 1.5 times the normal gardenia)
5 bananas
1 packet minced meat
4 chillies
long beans
2 kg rice

that costs me 22sgd. Who says that Sweden is expensive. The number of times I've eaten food bought from outside: ONCE.

A sweet touch to wrap the day up - pear tart baked by Amy and Dixi. Burnt on the sides but otherwise, delicious especially since it's their first attempt.

I shall not mention about the fried rice they cooked today that was epic failure. It looked literally like mashed potatoes. Oh i made bak chor mee the other day. Supposedly indonesian style. (from an internet recipe) After I cooked it, I really couldn't tell what style it is. haha. It tasted more indonesian than chinese. It looked ugly but it tasted pretty good.

This is going to be a busy week, with so many assignments due. To the NUS people back in Singapore, enjoy your mid-sem break!

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Have you seen flies having sex.


Eh. BIG DEAL ok..I've seen two flies having sex... I bet you haven't. and it was. ermmmm..vigorous. Apologies for being so crude but i don't know a better word for it. but hey; I'm only describing a natural phenomenon. I wanted to take a video of it. But I didn't think the camera was able to do that.
See the enlarged view in the picture panel on the right...
Anyway, we had an international pot luck at Sarah's place and we went home 5kg heavier. My friends cooked chicken rice, curry, sweet and sour pork, then there were alot of other food from other countries.
and sooo much desserts. At the end of it, we were comparing the sizes of our tummies.

Check out my delicious eggplant. I'm gonna learn a dish a week. Just that I'm really running out of dishes to cook.They really don't have alot of variety in the supermarket. It seems as if very little importance is given to eating. Like a meal is so easily satisfied. A sandwich, some pastas, or some yoghurt with bread.
My friends made ABC soup yesterday. It didn't taste perfect but it felt soooo good drinking it.

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