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Looooong overdue post.

I've finally been to stockholm. I thought I would never visit Stockholm. What's being in Sweden without being in Stockholm..
The trip was a little too short though. Discounting all the traveling on the train, we effectively had only one a half days in the city. But I must say that the company of friends that I traveled together with really made the trip very fun.
So that's all of us, outside the Vasa Museum, this realllly cool 15th century ship that sunk after 20 minutes of the voyage and was in the water for 300 years.
They had to piece the ship together from all the pieces they found in the water, and yea they did a pretty good job.

The colours of autumn is so pretty.

I thought this was pretty interesting . The change of guards occurs everyday at noon time. The soldiers would march from the Army museum to the Royal Palace. And while they march, an unlucky hoard of cars will be forced to drive at snail speed behind them. I wonder what the drivers would be thinking. Pride for the country's monarchy? Or are they cursing under their breadth about being on the wrong road at the wrong time?

We had our share of nonsensical fun in Stockholm, my wonderful-est idea. We were sitting at the kitchen of our hostel after dinner on our first night. It was a really cosy kitchen and the dining area reminds me of settler's cafe. Anyway, I guess we were getting bored so we started playing bingo. And then we got bored of bingo and virginia, thinking that hah. everyone has paper and pen. suggested to have 听写 session. ( my boliaoness is moulded by all the boliao sessions I had with my darling sister...and darling sister... don't u remember our 听写 and bingo sessions on the plane.)
see the enlarged pictures for the ridiculous words that we came up with.

and then we had a 默写 session at a cafe the following day after the discovery of a Chinese newspaper in an Asian supermarket. And yea, we were kinda bored so we sat down and had coffee. Not that Stockholm is a boring place, but it's just that between 6pm and dinner. we couldn't find anything to do because all the shops and museums are closed and we were too full for dinner. .

Well honestly I didn't take much pictures. Probably because the weather was kinda grey and sad. Not the best weather to take pictures. But do see the pictures on the right panel. My commentary here is limited to only a selected few.

Posted by virginia41 03:46

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Autumn is very very pretty, if you get trees in your city. I'm having autumn too, but hey, can you tell.. haha..

秋天 - the invention of hanyupinyin typing. but let's do 听写 together next time. The things u remember sia!! I totally forgot 听写 and bingo... only you and your ridiculous puzzles (those identify the words up down left right centre one..)


by Veronica

I still have the puzzle book lor. and it's not my ridiculous puzzles. do you remember the first time we did those things was when mama bought the books for our first japan trip 13 years ago.

by virginia41

It's all her fault.. hahaha.. and no, I didn't remember it was the japan trip that it all started. And you're really scary in remembering childhood details.. If I had known, I should've started being nicer to you earlier on..

by Veronica

YA. and I remember once, we were pushing and pulling each other's arms and you ended it with a nice big fat pinch and I howled and howled and howled on my bed until embok came to my rescue.

by virginia41


by virginia41

If I was you, I would hate me so baaaaaadd....
but because I'm me, I still love me..


by Veronica

tsk.. i'm damn irritating la..

by Veronica

walao. people. this is my sister. see.. like that lor.

by virginia41

ya.. resort to fate people.. u'll realise u'd rather have a sis that bullies you than a sis who can't be bothered to bully you.. right not right not?

by Veronica

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